Me and my dad see a lot of wild animals. We love the animals. And some animals are cute and fuzzy. Always be nice to the animals. And do not litter or the animals will die. And stay away from the animals. The animals can give you some disease. Or the animals will give you some rabies. Do not feed the animals because if you do they will get used to human which is very very very bad. So do not mess the balance up!!! And why it is so so bad for you and the animals if they get used to us is they will learn to come to us for food. And we what to feed them but then are mind will saw no! I will not feed him but he is so cute. Some animals are cute to make them a target. But what the predator does not know is that cuteness is to lower the predator in so when the predator attacks the cute animal will fight back and may win. And will get his dinner. And you need to know that if you go to the ocean and you see some trash go get it because if you leave it in the ocean one of your favorite animals will die so get that trash.